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Sunday, November 21, 2010

31 Days and I am happy :)

I did it,

I completed my 31 baby steps on!  Yeah, I am happy.

My home feels much less chaotic and messy.  I also can just relax and enjoy it from time to time, and that is nice.

After the end of the Baby steps you progress into zones, you can check all that out here...

FLYlady Zone Work

I am going to work on de-cluttering my zones for a month or two before I get into heavy duty cleaning.

So here is the plan now...

I will continue the habits I have created during the baby step month, and I will de-clutter the zone I am in 15 minutes a day until I am satisfied that it is ready, then I will start "detail" cleaning.  This is the strategy that they suggest on the site.  I must say I am so proud of my home right now.  It isn't perfect, but it is WAY better.  The mountains of junk that I used to accumulate are much smaller, my laundry is being done consistently, and it makes me very happy.

Now I will move into a de-cluttering phase and make sure my home is only full of things I absolutely love and need.  After my place is de-cluttered to my satisfaction, I will begin slowly decorating it in a way that makes me love it even more.

I have an idea for a decor thing, just need to gather supplies, working on that as we speak, hopefully it will be up soon, I will post an update on that when I can : )

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